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Happy Anniversary, Captains!


It’s been almost eight years since Star Trek Online first launched out into the world, and we’ve had some wonderful memories. From interacting with Star Trek greats like Michael Dorn, Jeri Ryan and LeVar Burton, to battling the Mirror Universe and the Borg, and bringing time to a full circle with the Iconian War, we’ve boldly gone where no Star Trek game has gone before. We’re so grateful that you’ve been with us on this journey for the past eight years, and we want to show our appreciation with more than a week of giveaways!


Every day, From January 15th to January 23rd, there will be free STO items available for you to claim! Check back on this blog each day to see what’s available! http://www.arcgames.com/en/games/star-trek-online/news/detail/10770174

Have you ever crafted a Beam Array and spent resources upgrading it, only to end up getting a mod that doesn’t quite fit the build you’re going for? We have been working away on a new feature that will allow you to re-roll certain mods, granting you the ability to finally craft and modify certain pieces of Equipment to your own satisfaction.


In order to Re-Engineer a piece of equipment, we’re introducing a new resource into the game: Salvage. Salvage is rewarded to Captains from salvaging equipment obtained from loot drops they receive. A new contextual action can be taken after highlighting a particular piece of loot, much the same way you would discard or inspect an item. Salvaging the piece of equipment will destroy it and reward an amount of Salvage based on the equipment’s Mark and Quality.

The cost of Re-Engineering a piece of equipment will be dependent on how many available mods you wish to re-roll, with the cost per mod decreasing as you opt in to additional mod randomization. We’re still fine-tuning the numbers, and will be looking for feedback from Tribble to finalize the exact amounts.

With the new Re-Engineering system, we have taken the opportunity to create several new Epic mods. Weapons, Shields, Engines, Deflectors, Secondary Deflectors, and Ground Armor have all received an assortment of new Epic Mods. We’ve chosen to maintain the existing Epic mod as the default mod that is selected when a piece of equipment is upgraded to Epic, which you can then choose to re-roll if you desire.


 Certain types of equipment cannot be Re-Engineered -

  • Warp/Singularity Cores

  • Consoles

  • Kit Frames

  • Reputation Items 

  • Featured Episode Rewards 


As we get feedback on the system as a whole, we’ll eventually be able to introduce these items to the re-engineering system  http://www.arcgames.com/en/games/star-trek-online/news/detail/10764734-introducing%3A-re-engineering%21

Come celebrate your winter holiday with Q in his magical wonderland - for the first time, the same Winter Event will be launching on the same day on all three platforms! From December 7th at 8am PT to January 18th at 10am PT, return to Q's Winter Wonderland!

This year, the almighty Q drew inspiration from ancient Earth folklore originating from a continent called “Europe.” In said folklore, a half-goat, half-demon figure would punish the naughty. He carried a bundle of birch branches to swat children with, as well a sack on his back reserved for those especially deserving of severe punishment and torture. His counterpart, “Saint Nicholas” would reward good children with sweets and presents, but this figure would give out coal. Naughty children whispered his name in fear... the Krampus!

That was a good start for Q, but the legend needed to be a little more dangerous. It had to scare children throughout the galaxy, not just Earth. After some consideration, he created the perfect holiday terror, a fusion of the Krampus and the demons of the Klingon Empire.  He created… the KRAMP’IHRI.

The Kramp’lhri can appear randomly throughout Q’s Winter Wonderland. A fan girl, the Kramp’lhri Watcher, lurks in the pavilion and tracks his movements. She will announce when the object of her idolization is near. Eager to see mortals pit themselves against the dark master, she can happily teleport you into the Kramp’lhri’s projected path.

Once the Kramp’lhri arrives with his loyal minions, stay out of range of his switch! If you anger him, he’ll try to kidnap you as well. Despite the risk, you must fight him, for as he weakens, he’ll lose his hold on the presents he’s stolen. Open those for a chance to find ornaments or free kidnapped Gingerbread folks.

Just when you think you’ve defeated the Kramp’lhri, he’ll turn into a cloud of coal and smoke and try to run to another spot in Winter Wonderland. FOLLOW HIM! Don’t let up on your attacks! The more times you can defeat him in the few minutes he’s active, the better your rewards will be. Perhaps you can even tame him and get him as a pet!

Are you ready to face Q’s newest challenge? Will you survive long enough to free kidnapped gingerbread folks? And who will be the true master of the Black Nanopulse Mek’leth? Are you ready to take on...



Show your love of Warframe and you could win $10,000!

Create a 25-second video spot for your chance to be a winner the Community Trailer Contest.

With the Plains of Eidolon get the best of Warframe you love about the game!

For more information follow the link below!


ANTKB World Of Tanks Clan Will be Doing Tier VI Tank

Skirmishes. The Event will be Tuesday  October 17 2017 between 6 PM and 9 PM EST.

For more Information Contact our WOT Combat Officer udonbull.

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