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from arc blog post HERE

From August 17th, 2017 at 9am PST until September 7th, 2017 at 10am PST, we’ll be featuring a promotion that will provide an extra bonus when purchasing Research & Development Packs from the C-Store.

During this promotion, all Research & Development Packs purchased from the C-Store and opened will reward the character opening them with either 10 Lobi Crystals, or a brand new Son’a Collector Science Dreadnought [T6], in addition to the standard contents of the Research & Development pack.

As part of our continuing celebration of the 30th Anniversary of Star Trek: The Next Generation, we’ve pulled this massive vessel straight from the silver screen of the TNG-cast’s film, Star Trek: Insurrection. Last seen threatening a Ba’ku colony world with extinction, this devastating vessel can now be obtained by members of the Alliance to help combat the galaxy’s emerging threats.Son’a Collector Science Dreadnought [T6]

Since the days of the infamous Briar Patch Incident, the Son'a have earned the reputation as being outcasts of the Alpha Quadrant. Despite this reputation, there's no denying that the Son'a remain at the forefront of medical technology, as well as being in possession of incredibly powerful sensor and energy absorption technology. Using these advancements on their vessels makes them formidable foes, capable of outmaneuvering and debilitating most of their enemies.

The massive Son'a Collector was originally constructed as a stationary, purpose-built technology platform, intended to convert and collect the metaphasic radiation found near the Baku homeworld within the Briar Patch. Since that time, the ship has been refitted with all of the necessary weapons, engines and other subsystems, to allow this formidable piece of technology to function as a dreadnought within the Son'a fleets. It still possesses the energy-absorption technology it was originally built to use, as well as now housing a wing of fighter pets, its own weapons arrays, and much more.

This starship features a Lieutenant Command Universal/Intel Specialist Bridge Officer seat and an Ensign Universal/Temporal Operative Specialist Bridge Officer seat.

Ship Details

Tier: 6
Faction: All
Availability: R&D Promotion
Rank Required: Rear Admiral, Brigadier General or Sub Admiral I (Level 40)
Hull Strength: 40,500 at level 40, 46,575 at level 50 and 54,000 at level 60
Shield Modifier: 1.25
Fore Weapons: 4
Aft Weapons: 3
Device Slots: 3
Bridge Officer Stations: 1 Lieutenant Tactical, 1 Lieutenant Commander Engineering, 1 Commander Science, 1 Ensign Universal/Temporal Operative, 1 Lieutenant Commander Universal/Intelligence
Console Modifications: 2 Tactical, 4 Engineering, 5 Science
Base Turn Rate: 9 degrees/second
Impulse Modifier: 0.18
Inertia: 35
+5 to Weapon Power, +15 to Auxiliary Power
Console – Universal – Thermolytic Injector
Sensor Analysis
Subsystem Targeting
Secondary Deflector Slot
1 Hangar Bay - Loaded with Son'a Assault Fighters
Starship Mastery Package (Science Vessel)
Enhanced Particle Generators (+Exotic Damage)
Advanced Shield Systems (+Shield HP)
Enhanced Restorative Circuitry (+Healing)
Reactive Shield Technology (+Shield Regen/Hardness)
Collect and Consume (Starship Trait)
Admiralty Ship Stats

Engineering: 32
Science: 71
Tactical: 23
Special: +8 TAC and ENG per TacShip

Deploy Consumption Array (Innate Ability)

Activate to deploy the Collector's huge absorption sails. While deployed, your starship will gain a passive increase to the Drain Expertise skill, as well as absorbing a portion of all incoming Energy Damage. After absorbing a certain amount of incoming energy, the absorption sails will release a powerful burst of thermolytic energy which will restore a portion of your hull capacity while also causing Radiation Damage to foes in front of the sails.

As a trade-off for these powerful capabilities, the Collector will be significantly slower and less nimble as long as the sails are deployed. You will also be unable to use Full Impulse while in this mode.

Once deployed, the Collector will remain in this mode indefinitely. Deactivating it will put it into a brief recharge period.

Console – Universal – Thermolytic Injector

Adapted from the Collector's original injection assembly, this powerful explosive device can be launched toward a foe's current location. Upon reaching its destination, the payload is detonated, releasing a slow-moving horizontal shockwave of exotic particles that cause caustic thermolytic reactions in nearly all matter it encounters. Enemy starships caught in the blast wave will suffer heavy Radiation Damage immediately, then additional Radiation Damage over Time. As their ship's hull is eaten away, they will also suffer a Damage Resistance Debuff that increases over time.

If used while Consumption Array is deployed, you receive a small amount of hull healing from any foes affected by the Radiation Damage.

This console also provides a passive boost to Power Transfer Rate, Hull Restoration Skill and Maximum Hull Capacity.

This console may be equipped in any console slot, on any Son'a starship. You may only have one of these consoles equipped at a time.

Collect and Consume (Starship Trait)

Activating any Subsystem Drain or Shield Drain Bridge Officer Ability applies an instant Pull to all foes within 5km, dragging them a bit closer to you. After this Pull is done, all Foes within 2.5km will suffer a small amount of Radiation Damage. A portion of the damage dealt by this trait will be returned to you as a Hull Heal.

Son'a Assault Fighters

These extremely nimble small craft are designed for both space and atmospheric assault. Outfitted with Isolytic Plasma weapons, they can also use a limited version of Energy Siphon, and will passively leech Hull from enemy ships within a short distance of themselves, causing a small amount of Radiation Damage and healing themselves.

Son'a Assault Fighters

Availability: EC Store
1x Isolytic Plasma Beam Array (Fore)
1x Isolytic Plasma Dual Beam Bank (Fore)
1x Isolytic Plasma Turret (Aft)
Son'a Energy Siphon I
Thermolytic Absorption I
Advanced Son'a Assault Fighters

Availability: Dilithium Store
1x Isolytic Plasma Beam Array (Fore)
1x Isolytic Plasma Dual Beam Bank (Fore)
1x Isolytic Plasma Turret (Aft)
Son'a Energy Siphon II
Thermolytic Absorption II
Elite Son'a Assault Fighters

Availability: Fleet Store
1x Isolytic Plasma Beam Array (Fore)
1x Isolytic Plasma Dual Beam Bank (Fore)
1x Isolytic Plasma Turret (Aft)
Son'a Energy Siphon III
Thermolytic Absorption III
Console Set Bonus

The existing “Son’a Technology” Console Set, consisting of the Subspace Barrier Agitator and Deep Analytics Sensor Package consoles, has been expanded to also include the Thermolytic Injector console found on this starship. In addition to the existing 2-piece bonus, there is now a 3-piece bonus that can be obtained when all are equipped on the same Son’a vessel.

When all three consoles are equipped, the recharge time of all three special console abilities are each reduced by 1 minute (from 2 minutes apiece).

STO players join us in welcoming the newest STO recruits to be promoted to full membership.  New recruits check in with Chrono to get your name on the current or future promotion list!  Upon promotion check in with Shomora for a special welcome aboard gift.  Membership has it’s privileges!


ANTKB members from other games are welcome to join in the festivities via teamspeak and watch online.

ANTKB Meeting

JWS posted Aug 1, 17

ANTKB Meeting WIll be Thurday August 3rd At  8 PM EST.

New Featured Episode: Brushfire


Endeavor System:


Ferengi Admiralty Campaign:




  • In an effort to improve performance, cloud-like visual FX from certain powers will no longer be visible if within a minimum distance of identical cloud FX.
    • All other behavior associated with the powers remain unchanged as in damage, range, debuff stacking, etc as this only changes visuals.
    • This FX update will affect the following abilities:
      • Eject Warp Plasma
      • Vent Theta Radiation
      • Eject Tetryon Plasma
      • Eject Metreon Gas
      • Coolant Ignition
      • Particle Emission Plasma Torpedo in all firing modes
      • Na'kuhl Plasma Torpedo
      • Vent Metreon Laced Plasma
      • Nadion Saturation Bomb 
  • Resolved an issue while wearing the 23rd Century Klingon Sleeveless Uniform would cause arms to disappear for most species.
  • Resolved an issue where windows on the bottom of the Negh'var would be floating if the player used any other wings other than the Negh'var.
  • Resolved an issue where most of the Kar'Fi model would disappear under certain conditions. 
  • Resolved an issue where the Heavy Cruiser Refit only had two of four nacelles light up when going to warp.
  • Improved appearance of Borg console visuals with the Phoenix shuttle holoemitter in Sector Space. 
  • 23rd Century Starfleet characters now have appropriate ground shield FX. 




  • Resolved an issue that caused some Duty Officer Missions to allow Admiralty ships to be slotted. 
  • Singularity Warp Shadows has been re-designed slightly:
    • Warp Shadows can now be damaged.
    • While Warp Shadows are attacking a non-player target, that target is prevented from attacking the warp shadow creator.
    • Singularity Jump Kinetic damage now scales with the Exotic Particle Generators Skill and Kinetic damage buffs. 
  • Hold Together:
    • Resolved some scaling issues with Hold Together.
    • Resolved an issue that could cause Hold Together to damage the player when flying in reverse.
  • Resolved an issue that stopped Resilient Power Cells from working on some weapons.
  • Resolved an issue that caused the effects of the [Pen] and [Run] modifiers to not be shown on item tooltips. 
  • Changed Fire On My Mark stealth debuff values to be more in line with original design intentions. 
  • "Sabotage Romulan Resupply Base" Duty Officer Assignment is now “Sabotage Tal Shiar Resupply Base".
  • Resolved an issue with Medic2 Duty Officers that was preventing them from being slotted into Active Space.
  • Resolved an issue that caused the damage of Hyperonic Radiation to scale more aggressively than intended.
  • Resolved an issue that was preventing the Miradorn Raider from gaining damage immunity when using Pilot Maneuvers. 
  • Added a missing engine trail to the Romulan Vastam Tactical Command Warbird.
  • Resolved an issue where the Competitive Wargames shield procs could be activated by Damage-over-Time effects.
  • Resolved an issue that caused the Status Specialist Bridge Officer Trait to display an incorrect region icon.
  • Resolved an issue that caused the Damage over Time from the Crystal Radiation Projector to not scale properly with the player’s damage buffs. 
  • The Missionpod section of the Arbiter Battlecruiser will now de-activate its ablative armor when not in combat. 




  • Power Tray Updates:
    • Added support for up to 10 rows or columns to the space power trays.
    • Added support for rotating both power trays by 90 degrees and for two horizontal trays or two vertical trays.
    • The space power tray settings will now be hidden when clicking outside of the buttons.
    • The space power tray settings now indicate which settings are active.
    • Added a separate option to toggle the "Fire All" buttons independent of how many tray rows there are.
      • If a single tray row is selected, then it will only show "Fire All Weapons".
      • The "Fire All" buttons are only available for horizontal trays.
  • Resolved an issue where unlocking a trait would not allow it to be slotted until after moving to a different map.
  • Resolved an issue that caused the Team Invite window to not disappear while auto-teamed.
  • Resolved an issue where the Icons in the power menu would not update if the player added or removed a power with the power menu open.
  • Resolved an issue where swapping between Bridge Officer skills would briefly load up the captain skills window.
  • Resolved an issue where pressing the Game Menu button would not immediately open the window.




  • Echoes of Light: Core sampling of the second comet is no longer timed, but instead completes as soon as the player has collected enough material.
  • Fluid Dynamics:
    • Adjusted allied ships so that they should move quickly to aid player when engaging the Borg.
    • Borg command diamond should no longer flee at high speed.
  • Dragon's Deceit: Resolved an issue that sometimes caused Galik to be stuck under the ground.
  • Resolved an issue where the Core Assault Advanced rewards listed that it rewarded Iconian Marks instead of Fleet Marks.


Known Issues:


  • The loadout slot options will appear as if nothing is selected after selecting one and transitioning to a map.
    • This does not affect the positions of slotted powers from the loadout.
    • Arc Blog post
Vitt a Thanks QuePan. I appreciate your efforts keeping us informed.
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