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ANTKB Gaming Community Rules

ANTKB is based on the ideals of friendship, fair play and cooperation. All members of ANTKB are charged with holding to these ideals by helping to create a cooperative and fun gaming environment.  ANTKB and its leadership are dedicated to making the gaming experience better for all of its members.

As with any other community, ANTKB has established rules and guidelines to assist its members in improving the gaming experience.  The rules exist to help all of the members of ANTKB enjoy their gaming experience through cooperation and fraternity.  All members regardless of rank or position are expected to comply with these rules.

1.     Be Respectful – ANTKB believes that each individual is uniquely important and that each gamer deserves the same respect and rights as everyone else. While not everyone will always agree on allpoints, disagreements do not require or demand rudeness or personal attacks. Any personal attacks that are based on race, culture, religion, gender, or sexual orientation will not be permitted.

2.     Use Appropriate Language – ANTKB believes that each member has the right to communicate freely; however, each member is also free to not hear offensive words or inappropriate language. Please remember that we do have teens and children in our gaming community, and it is our desire to protect them just as much as anyone else.

3.     Be Careful of Arguing – ANTKB believes in the rights of each community member to express his or her ideas; however, no person in the gaming community is here to be attacked. If two or more people within the gaming community wish to engage in a heated discussion, they need to move to an empty chat channel to do so.

4.     Avoid Emotionally Sensitive Topics – ANTKB believes that each person has the right to enjoy their gaming time and the cooperation fostered in the community. Therefore, certain topics which elicit strong emotions should be avoided in order to not upset the unity which the gaming community works to maintain. In like manner, each member of the community deserves the benefit of the doubt whenever possible.

5.     Avoid Hot Miking – ANTKB uses Teamspeak 3 in order to coordinate community activities and promote community unity; however, it is important that each community member using Teamspeak 3 select "Push to Talk” for the microphone settings. Hot Miking occurs when a microphone is left on all the time and background noises which should not be broadcast over the internet are heard by everyone in the community.

6.     Be Careful When Poking – ANTKB understands that at times it is important to get in contact with someone in another room; however, it is vital to be careful with using the Poking option in Teamspeak 3. Poking will often pull individuals from their game which can result in bad consequences for that individual. Please be responsible with this option, and only use it sparingly.

7.     Avoid Poaching – ANTKB believes in creating a strong, vibrant, unified community in order to improve each fleet members gaming experience; however, some individuals join gaming communities only to recruit people away for their own groups. Please do not solicit others to join your groups while in ANTKB. If a group wants to merge with ANTKB, please consult with a council member for further information.

8.     Demonstrate Good Sportsmanship – ANTKB exists to make each individual member of the gaming community stronger and in so doing make the entire fleet stronger as a whole. The adage that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link certainly applies to the gaming community. Often ANTKB engages in competitions within the gaming community. While it is true that no community member actually wants to lose, remember that neither in winning or losing should any community member be disrespected. There are often many things to learn by both the winner and the loser. Often during our competitions, members from opposite teams will give advice to try and help improve their opponents. In many ways, the winners are both the one who helps other community members the most and the one who grows the most from learning and listening to others.

The rules listed above are not designed to interfere with anyone’s gaming experience but rather to enhance and improve everyone’s gaming experience. ANTKB believes that as the individual improves and grows so does the entire gaming community.

ANTKB also understands that membership within the gaming community is voluntary. Any community member found breaking either the letter or the spirit of the above stated rules will be removed from the community. Warnings will be given when applicable; however, flagrant violations may result in immediate termination of membership.

It is time again for Risa’s annual Lohlunat Festival Festival, and with it some much needed R&R for Captains. From June 8th to July 20th, the residents of Suraya Bay and the Lobi Crystal Consortium have once again partnered together to bring festival participants the highest quality wares, including exchanging Lohlunat Prize Vouchers (2017) for the new Vorgon Ryn’Kodan Carrier [T6].  A Dev Blog containing full stats and description for the starship will be published separately, so keep your eyes open for it.


This year Star Trek Online is inviting Captains to participate in a brand new event: The Biathlon!  This exciting all-new race combines two favorite Risa activities – hoverboard racing and floater flying.  Races will begin twice an hour at 30 minutes past and 50 minutes past the hour.

With the addition of the Biathlon event, we’re adding some new powerboards and floaters into the summer event store. We’ve also added some new costumes and Caracals, along with Training manuals and a Universal Kit Module.  New store offerings can be purchased for Lohlunat Favors, earned by participating in various events around the island. Players may access the Event Store by completing the “Unlock the Summer Event Prize Vendor” Event Reputation project to earn:


Tiger Striped Risian Caracals (Vanity Pets)

  • The Risian Tiger-Striped Caracal is a small animal native to the planet Risa. Different colors of Tiger-Striped Caracals are available from the Summer Event Store and the Lobi Store.


Floaters and Powerboards (Ground Devices)

  • With the addition of the new Biathlon event, we’re releasing new Gold, Silver, and Bronze Floaters and Powerboards. Captains will need to place First, Second, or Third place in the Biathlon to gain access to them in the store. Each of the new Floaters and Powerboards have the same features as the existing Superior models.


Rash Guards (Swimwear)

  • This year we’re introducing Rash Guard swimwear! Surf the waves in style, Captain!


Universal Kit Module

  • Universal Kit Module – Sandstorm Generator:  Captains can place down a Sandstorm Generator that travels towards the targeted foe, reducing the defenses and potentially blinding anyone caught within its range.


Training Manuals

  • We’ve turned all of our old Risian Kit Modules into Training Manuals available to Ensigns, Lieutenants, and Lt. Commander ranked Bridge Officers. This includes the Hurricane Generator, Molten Terrain, Seismic Agitation Field, Sonic Disruption, Graviton Spike, and Corrosive Grenade.

All of the above prizes can be purchased alongside entries from previous years, giving Captains a wide variety of rewards to earn by participating in the Lohlunat Festival. Remember, “All that is ours is yours!”

from the ARC blog post

Bel Vi Someone of the fleet theONE (Char Name: Troonik) ask me about how to finish this accolade at Nimbus photo link http://i...


We are pleased to announce the impending addition of a bundle of brand new Tier 6 Cruisers/Battlecruisers, coming soon to a C-Store near you! There will be one new starship for each faction.

The Klingon Empire has commissioned the QeHpu’ Advanced Light Battlecruiser!

The Romulan Republic welcomes the addition of the Deleth Advanced Light Warbird Battlecruiser!

Both of these starships are brand new visual designs, aimed at creating more nimble counterparts to most existing Battlecruisers and Warbird Battlecruisers, while maintaining access to the abilities and seating familiar to those classes of starships.

Meanwhile, the Federation’s Advanced Light Cruiser is a direct descendant of the Miranda-class cruiser, and bears the distinction of being known as the Reliant-class, in honor of one of its more famous forebears. It modernizes the utilitarian aspects of the Miranda design with a strong focus on mobility and utility, while improving the overall capabilities of this workhorse cruiser to match those of its fellow Tier 6 starships.

These starships are available in the C-Store and can be purchased by level 50 players (Vice Admiral and Lieutenant General ranks). Each of these Light Cruisers and Battlecruisers will have a Fleet variant made available upon release. All three faction variants share the same Universal Console and Starship Trait.

Items and Abilities

Console - Universal – Potential Energy Entangler

Activating this console will siphon off energy from your foes' weapon output, and use it to provide a speed and maneuverability burst to your ship. This results in a damage debuff for all affected foes, but the effectiveness is split among those affected. The buff applied to your maneuverability increases with the number of foes affected.This console also provides a passive boost to Turn Rate, Accuracy Rating and Defense Rating.This console may be equipped on any console slot, but may only be equipped on the Advanced Light Cruiser, QeHpu' Advanced Light Battlecruiser, or the Deleth Advanced Light Warbird Battlecruiser, or their Fleet variants.

Starship Trait

After achieving level 5 in your Advanced Light Cruiser, QeHpu’ Advanced Light Battlecruiser, or Deleth Advanced Light Warbird Battlecruiser, you will unlock the Evasion Specialist Starship Trait. Upon activation of Emergency Power to Engines, or any Pilot Bridge Officer Ability, gain Shield Hardness and Shield Regeneration for 5sec (once per 15sec max).


These starships are available in the C-Store individually, or they can be found packaged together in the T6 Advanced Light Cruiser bundle.

Message from Enjin

Diane a posted Apr 26, 17

We are aware of issues relating to voice servers in the North America (East) location.
Our voice provider is actively working on resolving the network issues.

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question about how to do this accolade at Nimbus. photo link[link]
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